We want to achieve social impact by putting all of our expertise to use.

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Reunion of Kunlabora and 't Lampeke

Making the world a better place

With our experience and practices from being a (software) company we aspire to empower social organisations. On the one hand we help them find software solutions that meet their challenges. On the other hand we can learn from each other's way of working and both grow stronger.

Our colleague Tom analysing a problem domain in front of a whiteboard

Time well spent

With our outreach projects we want to highlight our values and the way of working we are so proud of. At the same time, we like to experiment and put new insights into practice when we can’t immediately apply them to our regular projects.

Our colleague Tim hosting an online Kunlaboratorium session

Strengthening connections

We love reaching out to customers, other software crafters, knowledge institutions and other organisations. For instance, we host internships and our "Kunlaboratorium"- events to connect, while we also aim to widen our reach by contributing to open source projects.

Our initiatives

We want to connect just as much with companies as with social organizations, knowledge institutions, individuals and the city of Leuven, our home-town