One happy family

Come join our family
The entire Kunlabora team gives a vote of confidence by raising their hands

If there’s something valuable we learned, we share it.

Come join our family
Two colleagues learning together (study group)
Photo van: Thomas Vanausloos

Thomas Vanausloos

Photo van: Nordin Haouari

Nordin Haouari

Photo van: Inne Stuyven

Inne Stuyven

Photo van: Kris Aerts

Kris Aerts

Photo van: Tim De Meyer

Tim De Meyer

Photo van: Dieter Van Peer

Dieter Van Peer

Photo van: Tessa De Maesschalck

Tessa De Maesschalck

Photo van: Imanuel Rennen

Imanuel Rennen

Photo van: Tom Toutenel

Tom Toutenel

Photo van: Levi Vandenbempt

Levi Vandenbempt

Photo van: Katrien Verheyden

Katrien Verheyden

Photo van: Tim Schraepen

Tim Schraepen

Photo van: Tom Coremans

Tom Coremans

Photo van: Piet Goris

Piet Goris

Photo van: Nele Veulemans

Nele Veulemans

Photo van: Kaat Bogaerts

Kaat Bogaerts

Photo van: Joris Lefever

Joris Lefever

Photo van: Sander Paulus

Sander Paulus

Photo van: Joren Kennes

Joren Kennes

Photo van: Emma Eyckmans

Emma Eyckmans

Photo van: Jonas Van Hoeyweghen

Jonas Van Hoeyweghen

Photo van: Jo Vanthournout

Jo Vanthournout

Photo van: Jan Van Reusel

Jan Van Reusel

Photo van: Heidi Bottu

Heidi Bottu

Photo van: Seppe Gielen

Seppe Gielen

Photo van: Davida Van Hemelryck

Davida Van Hemelryck

Photo van: Benne Bastin

Benne Bastin

Photo van: Kenny Maes

Kenny Maes

Photo van: Bart Gauquie

Bart Gauquie

Photo van: Inge Lontie

Inge Lontie

Our jobs

Ervaren Java Developer / Architect


Bij Kunlabora zijn we op zoek naar een gepassioneerde, ervaren Java Developer om onze teams te versterken.

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Your benefits

Dynamic team

You will join a small team that values an open communication and fast decision-making processes

Knowledge sharing

We offer a learning environment with numerous opportunities to further expand your knowledge.

Work-life balance

We work together in comfort and confidence, from home or the office.

Benefits in kind

Your remuneration consists of a gross salary, a company car or compensation, a fixed expense allowance, a reimbursement for internet expenses, luncheon vouchers, hospitalisation insurance and group insurance.