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Kunlabora nv


Social - Wellbeing

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Service Blueprint, Launcher, Amplifier, Care


October 2020 - July 2021


Java, Angular, Hosting on AWS fargate

In 2018, Kunlabora and Buurtwerk ’t Lampeke started building the Mezuri tool with the idea of making the impact of social work more tangible. We would do so by bringing together strong domain knowledge, digital technologies and artificial intelligence.

Mezuri is a modern, user-friendly tool that measures and visualises impact for social workers and vulnerable people. These people can register data on coaching trajectories using several easy templates, so this data is structured in a timeline. As a result, it can be safely shared among colleagues on the same trajectory. Using techniques like natural language processing, sentiment analysis and word analysis, Mezuri unlocks insights based on the stories and experiences of people. 

Our prototype piqued the city’s interest. As a result, Kunlabora and the City of Leuven joined forces and competed in the Flemish government’s '2019 Smart in the City Prize’ competition. We won the contest. It enabled us to improve and extend Mezuri, rolling it out to various social organisations in Leuven.

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