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Zorg Leuven



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Service Blueprint, Launcher, Care


October 2020 - March 2021


AWS dynamodb, AWS cognito, Angular, Node.js, serverless framework

Zorg Leuven envisioned a mobile web application that would help their home carers to consult a task checklist more easily while working on location. While they were at it, this app would also offer the opportunity to digitise the checklist process and centralise communication between home carers, regional managers and therapists. In this way, the cluttered back-and-forth emailing would become redundant.

Zorg Leuven received a subsidy from the King Baudouin Foundation to fund the development, and they aspire to share the application with other organisations. Therefore, multi-tenancy is a critical aspect.

We developed an accessible and safe Progressive Web App

  • made for home carers who can consult a clear visual task overview for their clients and receive qualitative support. Then, if needed, they can communicate with their regional managers and therapists.
  • which enables regional managers to manage their teams more efficiently with recommendations and messages
  • which gives therapists an extra pair of eyes on the well-being of their carers and clients (with signal cards for example)
  • that reduces administrative burden