Meet Kunlabora, we’re the software factory

We cover the full software development lifecycle.

We are a team of software developersWHO WE ARE

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Meet our team

Outsourcing and co-sourcing software developmentWHAT WE DO

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We can take care of your complete software development. This includes identifying your needs and goals, designing, testing and looking after your software - even after development. We work open and transparently, directly guided by your input and goals.


What if you have your own development team? We can provide extra manpower and further training in the latest techniques and processes. How? We will send over our Kunlabora experts to work alongside your team, sharing knowledge and experience in the process.

Our solutions

Service Blueprint

Find your way to the ideal software solution.


Feasibility check


Launch a software solution that covers your basic needs


Let your software solution grow further


Keep your software solution in good shape

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We cover the full software development lifecycleHOW WE DO IT

Service Blueprint

We start developing a software solution with a Service Blueprint that meets our customer’s needs and safeguards a quick start. We can make this happen in just a few weeks.


We craft quality software in collaboration with our customers. To meet our high standards, we employ potent practices like pair programming, iterative development and much more.


Integrating operations into the development lifecycle is the fastest way to reach our goal. A continuous deployment pipeline automates all the necessary steps that a software change needs to go through before going live fast and risk-free.




Given our focus on teamwork and clear communication, we believe that openness and inclusiveness is vital for tackling business challenges the right way.


Kunlabora means collaboration in Esperanto. We believe that constructive cooperation with the customer (without overcomplication) is key for developing high-quality software solutions.

Technical excellence

We continuously participate in different learning activities, courses and classes to improve our knowledge and skillset. Only by remaining critical of our own capacities, we can keep up with the rapid changes in the world of software development.

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For us, outreach means making meaningful connections in all layers of society. We don’t just want to work with other businesses, we want to connect with social organizations, knowledge hubs, individuals and our hometown, the City of Leuven. By putting all of our combined expertise to use, we aim for real social impact.

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